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Deadlymelody.com was created in May 2007 to create a thorough resource for New York City show and event listings. For years I would be searching through artist, label and venue sites to find out about upcoming events, often finding out about them after they already happened. While the primary focus of this site is hip-hop, jazz and soul music, it is certainly not limited to that.

Using contacts and calendars I’ve built over the years, I’ve tried to establish a solid website where you can find out about all upcoming NYC-based events when they are announced. Recaps with photographs from shows are also featured on the site in addition to record reviews, artist interviews and future album release information.

All reviews and images (aside from event flyers and press photos) are original content for deadlymelody.com and are not published elsewhere. Ultimately the goal is for this site to become something you check regularly, keeping you up to date and informing you of what’s going on (like Marvin Gaye) with original articles and features.


general emails/questions: contact@deadlymelody.com (to submit a show attach a flyer if available)

About DeadlyMelody.com
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