Q-Tip & Rich Medina at Santos Party House 08.01.08



This is a big weekend for The Abstract seeing as how he kicked off the weekend at Santos Party House this past Friday with DJ Rich Medina for a night of hip-hop and soul music.  The main showdown comes tonight when Q-Tip reunites with Phife for the first Tribe Called Quest NYC show in years at Rock the Bells.

Medina and Tip both worked their usual style sets; Rich’s theme for the night seemed to be samples with the tracks using them, mixing Common and Charles Wright all night long.  Q-Tip’s set was more hip-hop heavy with New York underground anthems and of course a bunch of his own work to hype you up for his reunion show.  Like many, this was my first time at Santos since hearing about it a few weeks ago and I was real happy with the venue.  The club is split into two different rooms (this party was in the main room) with a bumping soundsystem and not overcrowded.  More photos inside medinda





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