MF Doom & Mos Def Touring Together, Mos Playing Highline Ballroom Tonight


A few years ago you could write about MF Doom all day; new albums and chamosdoomchiracters, appearances on every rapper’s album and plenty of shows around the city.  After suddenly vanishing into almost non-existence for the last two years Metal Fingers released Born Like This earlier in the year assuring fans that he was back on the scene and hasn’t lost a beat with his flow as mosdoomtorontotight as ever.  You can bet one of Doom’s biggest fans, Mos Def, was thrilled that his favorite rapper was back at it (watch Mos reciting and freestyling about how dope Doom is).

MF Doom, or known now as only Doom will do a brief run of dates with Mos Def at the end of January.  They perform together in Toronto and Chicago with a New York City show capping the quick three date mini tour.  Doom featuring Mos Def comes to Nokia Theatre on 01.30.10 with tickets going for $39.50…grab them while they’re still available as this will sell out.  No fliers are floating around yet but check out the ones they are using for Chicago and Toronto which will get you excited for the NYC show.

Mos Def also performs solo tonight (12.20.09) at Highline Ballroom.  The late night show gets started at 12:00 AM with tickets going for $45. Really though…why would anyone go tonight when you get Doom & Mos together a few weeks later for a cheaper ticket.


  1. Anonymous :

    The Mos show for Highline yesterday got cancelled. They said it was cause of weather and will be rescheduled.

  2. kallywood :

    im sure it was cause of ticket prices.

  3. Mike :

    Doom was a no-show at the Chicago show last night. They actually tried to have some other mother fucker in a mask lip sync to the music and parade a hype-man around behind him. Complete bullshit Doom. Way to fuck your fans over.

  4. burnal420 :

    I’m hoping that the show in NYC does not get pushed back again. That is so wack that he had a fake again.

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